Under the Sea (GoPro Video of Goldfish)

So… In the recent record setting freezing low temps. we had last week, I had a pipe freeze and bust on one of my central filter systems.  I had to gather a bunch of my Goldfish from 2 different ponds and keep them all in a 300 gallon indoor tub.  I lost a few babies but all in all I was lucky to have saved the majority.


The results are some great video shots of a large collection of Goldfish in one area.  The water temp is only about 50 degrees in this video, so they are a little slow still.


Stars of the video are, Ranchu’s, Black Opals, Wakins, Calico Wakins, Sanke Golds, Pompoms, Black Moor, Lionheads, Short Tail Ryukin, Ryukin, and a few other special guest Goldfish.  I hope you enjoy


Direct Link to Part I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHTkSbw61hM