Now Offering Southern Delight Goldfish and Koi Food

First up is the Southern Delight Goldfish Food.  This blend of Color, Growth and Nutri pellets have my Goldfish going Crazy.  The pellets are floating and sinking mix, so all the goldfish are eating them at different depths in the ponds and aquariums.   It is like a feeding frenzy.  I will post a video shortly.  The producers of this fine food are owned and operated by Veterans, based out of Florida.  Here at River Garden, added this into our feeding rotations with the Repashy gel foods. 

Please let me know if you would like to try some of this great food.

Southern Delight Goldfish Food
Southern Delight Goldfish Food Lable
Southern Delight Goldfish Color Enhancing
Southern Delight Nutri
Southern Delight Aqua Vitamix
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